The Healthy Estuaries Project monitors water quality at 5 sites on Hill River and Moore River in the Northern Agricultural Region. On each river quarterly monitoring includes recording water pH, turbidity, temperature, dissolved oxygen content, salinity and specific conductance. Twice yearly during these monitoring events water samples are taken and further analysis is carried out on phosphorus, nitrogen, heavy metals, dissolved organic carbon, total suspended solids and chlorophyll.

A hand held water quality device is used to measure parameters in situ and a secchi disk is used to measure turbidity. Observational data such as weather, river levels, flow, bar opening events, algal blooms and fish kills are also recorded. All data is submitted to the Department of Water and Environmental Regulations WIN Database.

Photo monitoring is undertaken at each site to monitor any changes to vegetation or river bank stability/erosion.

Sites within other estuaries in the Northern Agricultural Region will be monitored as the project grows.

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